How many children can be carried in the same time?

We can provide buses for any size of groups and any number of children. It is important, that children are not allowed to travel on the seat next to the driver – that is only for adults. Please consider adults accompanying children when you calculate the exact number of travellers.

What can I do if the originally planned number of passengers increases by one or two?

Number of seats on a bus are determined in advance. If the final number of attendees would be more than that, please let us know as soon as possible as we are able to provide an additional small bus even in the last minutes. Passaners cannot stand on buses for safety reasons.

Can we order a bus for a short period of time or for shorter distance?

We accept the smallest orders too. However it is good to know that our big buses (from 30 persons) have a minimum booking time of 4 hours that will be charged even if you need the sevice for less hours. Small buses can be booked for a fixed price – there are no time limits.

Are your small buses equipped with safety belts?

Smaller buses (up to 20 seats) are equipped with safety belts. In case of bigger busses the safety belts are not obligatory, so please check this when you make your booking.

Are the buses equipped with microphones?

Yes, our buses are equipped with microphones - they are suitable for sightseeings and excursions.

What is the difference between pay-off by hour and pay-off by kilometres?

We usually provide our services for a fixed price agreed in advance (eg. frequent trips to swimming pools, zoo, theatre etc.) These are called fixed price bookings. We use flexible price bookings in those cases when the number of kilometres are not significant but our buses are needed for several hours. In these cases the basis of invoicing is not the length of the route but the time the bus was needed for.
For example: a school group travels to a theatre which is 11 kilometres away and they plan to spend 3 hours there before they come back to the school. Price of the big bus is 280 HUF/km - calculating with this rate the price would be 11 km X 2 routes X 280 HUF/km = 6.160 HUF. Whileas if we calculate with hour based rates: they need the bus for 3 hours waiting for them and it takes about further 4 hours to get there and back. The bus costs 6800 HUF per hour, so the total price is 27200 HUF. This is a good example for the difference – booking a big bus for a half day cannot cost 6160 HUF, so we make the calculation aHUFer the amount of time.
You will pay aHUFer kilometres in case of a route to Miskolc for example. Here the time of travel is only about 2 hours but the distance is 200 kilometres – price would be in this case: 2 X 200 km X 280 HUF/km = 112.000 HUF the same calculation for hours would be 2 X 2 hours X 6.800 HUF =27.200 HUF but this amount is obviously not reasonable if we are speaking about a 400 km trip.

How can we pay for the service?

We prefer bank transfer but if that is not suitable for you cash is also accepted. In this case please let us know in advance and the invoice will be issued by the driver.

How can we make bookings?

You can call us regarding the options and details (+36-1-231-01-01, +36-30-2003-999). Please send your booking in written form (via e-mail if possible) - we can avoid any misundrstanding in this way. We answer all queries immediately. Our e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You can also send your queries through our website: www.sargentbus.com.


Szilvia Kele
Service Manager
Mobil: +36 30 2003 999
E-mail: info@sargentbus.com

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