How can I apply for your school bus service?

You can do it here: www.sargentbus.com. Also, there should be a printed application form in your information package. If you cannot find one, please, call us, and we send one: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or (+36-1) 231-0101.

What is the next step?

Having received the form we process your application: your price is calculated, the estimated morning pick up time is given. We need to see almost all applications to set the routes, so your patience is appreciated.

What is the service, exactly?

We provide door-to-door transportation: in the morning a bus picks up your child(ren) in front of your house, and same way home.

What about the clubs, after school activities?

Schools usually send us information about their clubs and afterschool activities. Please, remember, that Sargent only provides the after school bus for the clubs and activities organised BY the school. Sometimes other classes (like ballet or piano lessons) are held at school – but if they do not finish with other activities, we will not provide the bus.

Can my child sit with a friend on the bus?

It depends on the friend’s home address. If they live close to you and our bus coordinator can place the friend on the same route, then yes. Such requests can be written on the application form, but are not necessarily fulfilled.

Who can answer my questions regarding the service?

Our school bus coordinator is available from 6:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. on (+36) 30-2003-777. He can answer most of your questions. Should he have too many calls to handle, you can always contact our customer service on (+36-1) 231-0101.

What shall I do if I do not need the bus, although I applied?

ANY changes in the schedules should be reported: even if you decide not to let your child(ren) to school in the morning, please, call the coordinator and let him know that you do not need the bus.

Will you charge me for the missed days?

The fee of the service is billed up front for the period you applied for. The fee we charge is like a monthly pass: by paying for the seat, you reserve it for the entire period. If your child misses one day, we cannot sell that seat to another child.

What is the cost of your service and how can I pay the fee?

Our price sheet is attached to this information package. The prices are given per day and per child – but calculated on a monthly/annual basis, per your choice of payment. We prefer bank transfer upon our invoice. For cash payments, please, contact our coordinator, Nikolett at (+36) 30-2003-777.

What is the Safety Code?

The Code regulates the behaviour on the bus. Each child must know and obey those rules. “An unruly bus is an unsafe bus” – please, remember that. The Code is printed on the back side of the application form, so by signing the application you indicate that you and your children know and obey the Safety Code.

What can be done about unruly student behaviour?

Any accurate information (date, time, participants of the incident) should be provided right after the incident – so that we can (and will) approach the parents of the children involved. In more serious cases the school principals are informed and service can be suspended for a certain period of time.

What about delays in the morning?

Traffic can be erratic, but our routes and morning pick up times are set so that arrival times can be kept. Still, there are unexpected incidents, such as a flat tire or an accident on the road to school – in such cases our bus coordinator calls every family on the route and the school as well. The same goes for late running buses after school.

What if my child leaves something on the bus?

Report it to the coordinator AS SOON AS YOU (or your child) REALISE IT. The coordinator can contact the bus right away so the chances are bigger to find what is lost. Drivers report on things found on their buses, but unless you call, we cannot find out whose property it might be.


Edina Szilágyi
Parent relations, Coordination
Mobil: +36 30 2003 777
E-mail: info@sargentbus.com

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